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About  Us

A lot of brides and grooms underestimate the reality that is planning the wedding day of their dreams. It’s a full time job to plan and execute the event you have been picturing in your head for such a long time. Plans, contracts and details start piling up and can quickly overwhelm some of the most organized couples. This is the situation in which industry experience paired with organizational skills and attention to detail will provide peace of mind and allow our couples to enjoy their engagement.


Every couple has a different story to tell, and at Kansas Wedding Design, we tell that unique one of a kind story for, and with, that couple. Within every celebration, there is a story, a moment of something magical. During the initial consultation, we take time to get to know our couples. From Wedding and event planning, to catering options and décor choices, we make sure we know everything necessary to make your wedding vision a reality. ​


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